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May 17, 2013
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.::Adoptable 5.::.//SOLD by LittleTeapotter .::Adoptable 5.::.//SOLD by LittleTeapotter
SOLD TO :iconreturn-to-mobius:

Another old character that I finally finished off//And shifted over from another account. ;;v;; She is your typical house kitty, but I guess she could pass for a wolf or whatever species you would prefer.

:bulletblack: I only accept points!
:bulletblack: Do not resell. (Unless you redraw the character, the go ahead.)
:bulletblack: You can do anything with this character after you've bought.


Okay starting price is: 30:points:
To out right buy this character is: 200

Bidding ends on the 20th!

//feed back about prices would be much appreciated!
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Stop being so amazing! XD Are all these characters from your old Sonic account? o.o And and... yeah... may I pay the 200 for her please?
LittleTeapotter May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pff I'm sorry D': I don't mean to be!//shot XD

They're from all over the place really, this and the goat guy before were from my old account.Though I never really got around to doing, I have burst of inspiration for Sonic oc's, and the it just kinda dies for months |'D.

And of course you can! :'D
XDXDXDXD Happens! I run a Sonic RP board so I'm always in the zone, so to speak. Your character designs just kind of 'speak' to me. Also your colour schemes are to die for. Colour is really important to me in a design. I love how the pink on his shirt goes so beautifully with the brown of her fur. <3

And I shall pay you right now!! Thank you <3
LittleTeapotter May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah I used to be back when I was like 13 to 15ish, but then school and everything got in the way, so I was kinda forced out of it for a while. ;v; Haven't really been able to get back into the whole rping scene since//well at least for sonic. OTL

And I'm glad you like them and thank you! I try not to go over the top, Although it is sometimes fun just to make a mish-mash of colours//flops I kinda prefer more toned down colour. ;v;

ad okie dokie, and no problem~ :'D and thank you again for buying!
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